Company Letterhead on a Budget: What the Right Cheap Business Printing Service Will Offer

Operating a small business means making every spare bit of change count. Even so, attempting to get by with inferior supplies ultimately hurts rather than helps the business. When it comes to printed matter like company letterhead, it makes sense to find a cheap business printing that offers the right solutions at an affordable price. Here are some points to keep in mind when evaluating what the printer has to offer.

Choosing the Right Weight

A printer will readily know what weight of paper is right for this particular application. While it may seem like such a small thing, using paper that is too light sends a signal to anyone who receives correspondence that the company may be tight on funds. A printer offering low rates but high-quality paper will help the business owner avoid that perception.

How About the Color?

What color would be right for the company letterhead? White with a nice finish is still the most popular, but there’s no reason why an off-white wouldn’t work. Depending on what the printer has in ample supply in terms of weight and color, it may be possible to get a good deal on a volume order.

When choosing a color, it never hurts to keep the hue and the size of the company logo in mind. This makes it easier to choose something that ensures the masthead looks good even if the recipient chooses to make copies and distribute them to others for consideration.

Matching Envelopes and Business Cards

Remember that the business envelopes used to mail letters on company letterhead must be a perfect match. Along with the texture of the paper, the envelopes need to be the same color. That means if the decision is to go with a cream paper, opt for cream envelopes as well.

The same holds true for the business cards. When the letterhead is one color but the business cards are another, that does not present a unified look to the recipients. It does seem as if the sender is trying to use up old materials before printing anything new. Make sure the printer can supply business cards in the same shade before placing the order.

Remember that bulk orders call for making sure all the print pieces work together. The right printer will know how to do the job with the right combination of quality and cost.